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With Air France, book a flight to the destination of your dreams and set out on a trip to explore new horizons. Whether you're interested in a city trip or an exotic voyage into the wild, pick up a plane ticket to anywhere in the world.

Cultural treasures, architectural gems, natural attractions: travel brings you face to face with the wonders of the world's largest capitals and of lesser known destinations. On a trip to Europe, go back in time and stroll through an open-air museum in the romantic and charming atmosphere of the Old World. Pick up a travel guide to Asia to explore the mysteries of cities founded thousands of years ago, with their unlikely and amazing contrasts between tradition and modernity, past and future. Travel to Africa and give in to the wild charm of the cradle of humanity, where you'll discover lively local populations and cultures that are each more fascinating than the last. Your plane ticket to the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean takes you to a postcard-worthy landscape with beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees. After a flight to North America, you'll be bowled over by the abundance of skyscrapers and the wide open spaces, where the old civilizations have given way to a New World full of promise.

Give in to the temptation of travel and book a plane ticket with the best conditions to make your trip unforgettable! Set out to explore incredible architecture and history from Paris to Mexico City, breathtaking views where the skyline defies the elements from New York to Shanghai, or the excitement of animated and colorful neighborhoods from Dakar to Mumbai. Book a flight to one of these fantasy lands, which are just waiting to reveal their secrets to you.