Vegetables in the spotlight at Makeout Colombia

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Vegetables in the spotlight at Makeout Colombia

While people from the Andes usually eat a lot of meat, Makeout Colombia rides the opposite wave and serves a 100% plant-based cuisine.

At first glance, everything would lead you to believe that Makeout Colombia is a neo-bistro like many others, with lovely bench seats, velvet armchairs, rows of wooden tables and a winter garden. Trust us, it is not. The concept is simple: no animal product is being served; only "plant-based food" is being prepared in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, Matthew Kenney, the most influential American chef on the vegan scene, set up home in Bogotá with his Makeout franchise restaurants. An alternative to meat-based diets, the menu offers falafels, sunflower seeds pesto, zucchini tagliatelle and even a plant burger that is so good you will forget there is no meat between the buns. A bite of creamy lemon cheesecake is a great note to end the meal on.
You may also go to Makeout Colombia for breakfast and enjoy an acai bowl with almond milk and homemade granola. After eating at Makeout, you will never see vegetables in the same light!

Makeout Colombia
Carrera 9, n° 81-18

+57 (1) 300 0390

Menu: around 43,000 COP