The Gold Museum: a golden itinerary

The Gold Museum: a golden itinerary

The most captivating museum in Latin America, which maintains the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold artefacts in the world.

One of the largest and most fascinating museums in Latin America brings together over 55,000 gold objects of every major pre-Hispanic culture in Colombia. In an ultra-contemporary building on three levels, the visitor follows the historical route of gold, from its extraction to its use. Several exhibits are particularly impressive for the work of craftsmanship they present. This is especially the case for the magnificent raft offering, the golden Balsa Muisca raft, 48 metres long, discovered in 1969 in Pasca.

There are thousands of objects of all kinds, including masks, statuettes, crockery, ornaments, tiaras, brooches, rings, and hair clips, some displaying a striking modernity. These are the precious vestiges of pre-Hispanic cultures honouring the Quimbaya, Tairona, Muisca and Tolima civilisations that inhabited the region before the arrival of the Spanish caravels. Visiting this museum can take a good half-day alone for enthusiasts and the curious. A must-see while in the capital.

Museo del Oro
Carrera 6 #15-88

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