Substance, rebirth of the 16th arrondissement

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Substance, rebirth of the 16th arrondissement

Led by a youthful and passionate team, including a chef who learnt his trade at some of the best restaurants in Paris, Substance gives a boost to the gastronomic offer in the west of the capital.

In the 16th arrondissement, usually dominated by fine dining establishments and Parisian bistros, Substance reconciles both trends. Opened in the autumn of 2018, the restaurant exudes relaxed elegance. Conceived by architect Michel Amar, the subdued and yet graphic decoration skilfully adorns the L-shaped room with natural materials, like wood and stone. Sitting on designer benches, food lovers will let the delicate scent of dishes being prepared in the open kitchen whet their appetite.

Behind the counter, Matthias Marc is a young chef with indisputable experience (Racine des Prés, Meurice and Saint James). He chooses quality products, locally farmed and cooked simply to enhance their original quality. The cook regularly adds touches from the Jura region, in a tribute to his origins. Stir-fried gnocchi and fermented watercress, pork tenderloin, roasted artichokes, shells and seaweed and even einkorn wheat risotto in lemon confit and market vegetables… Raw products with little transformation for heightened flavours.

18, rue Chaillot
75016 Paris

+33 (0)1 47 20 08 90

Menu: from 35 to 70 EUR