Neso 2, starred cocktails with a French touch

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Neso 2, starred cocktails with a French touch

After his gastronomic experiences at Neso, starred chef Guillaume Sanchez rearranges his concept into a cocktail bar with a fully French menu.

Like the sequel to a successful movie, the extension of starred restaurant Neso, located right across Rue Papillon, has become Neso 2. Always looking for original experiences like fermentation to enhance a product, chef Guillaume Sanchez now applies his philosophy to a liquid version. The cocktail bar reveals a science of mixology inspired by his older brother's gastronomy, paying particular attention to the origin of the ingredients. Spirits are exclusively French, herbs farmed in Normandy and dairy products provided by the Laiterie de Paris. As for the tapas, they highlight fish and seafood from the French coasts – an opportunity to find the lobster ravioli of the starred restaurant! Quality over quantity being primordial, the temporary menu only offers six drinks. Depending on the seasons, you can sip on a Miel Sauvage (great mullein flower eau-de-vie, 60-day fermented honey) or a Fizz (fruity, with Corsican crystallised pomelo) for a gustatory revelation, to enjoy in moderation of course.

Neso 2
3, rue Papillon
75009 Paris

+33 (0)1 48 24 04 13

Cocktail menu: from 15 EUR