Local by Rausch, a gourmet adventure

Local by Rausch, a gourmet adventure

What if you were to take a delicious detour by one of Bogotá's best loved restaurants? Then head to the Rausch brothers'.

The Colombian-born Rausch brothers are famous with gourmet eaters worldwide for the high-quality cuisine they serve. Together, Jorge and Mark make a case for the richness of Colombian gastronomy, in a welcoming and eclectic restaurant located in the heart of Bogotá. Whether at the dining room, lounge bar or outside terrace, the best seat awaits you.

Local by Rausch adds a daring and modern touch to Colombian traditional recipes, offering the clientele a chance to try sophisticated dishes cooked with fresh and local products. In the kitchen, the two brothers will cook a meal with dedication and creativity, according to your wishes: shrimp cocktail in tomato sauce, tuna tartare in avocado cream and quinoa, or grilled octopus in annatto oil. For dessert, there is an abundance of flavours available… Take a long look at the menu, there are no holds barred!

Local by Rausch
Carrera 11A # 89 - 38

+57 (1) 756 1202


Menu: around 60,000 COP