Yaya restaurants: imminent departure for Greece

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Yaya restaurants: imminent departure for Greece

Head to the sun in Saint-Ouen, the Halle Secrétan or La Défense, to taste delicious Greek specialties revisited. A guaranteed change of scenery!

A Mediterranean getaway awaits you at the Yaya restaurant, in the heart of the docks of Saint-Ouen, less than two kilometres outside of the Paris city limits. Thanks to the Chantzios brothers, you will feel like you are in Neochori-Ithomi, the village of their yaya (grandmother in Greek) in the Peloponnese region. The decor is made up of long sea ropes hanging from the bar and braided lanterns overhanging the banquettes, in a gigantic room bathed in light.

This ultramodern Greek tavern offers a multitude of dishes based on local products. As a starter, share traditional meze on homemade bread with olive oil. Then, opt for pretty garnished plates, such as osso buco in pine honey with seasonal tabbouleh, or grilled cuttlefish accompanied by a lemon-flavoured chickpea mash with piment d'Espelette. For dessert, go for the Yaya orange cake or the chocolate cake with olive oil, black salt and orange zest.

Building on the success of this first restaurant, the Chantzios brothers have recreated the “Yaya” experience in the Halle Secrétan, in heart of the 19th arrondissement, and on the forecourt of La Défense, in Puteaux. The restaurants reflect the soft mood of the peninsula, using delicate natural light as well as shades of white and blue. None of them will disappoint. Just imagine the sound of the waves to perfect the illusion of a trip to the land of Olympus...

Yaya Saint-Ouen
8 rue de l'Hippodrome
93400 Saint-Ouen
+33 (0)1 44 04 27 65
Menu: around 30 EUR

Yaya Secrétan
33 avenue Secrétan
75019 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 41 12 86
Menu: around 30 EUR

Yaya La Défense
15 parvis de La Défense
Westfield Les 4 Temps Shopping Centre
92800 Puteaux
+33 (0)1 40 90 09 09
Menu: around 30 EUR