Give in to water madness at Atlantis, The Palm

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Give in to water madness at Atlantis, The Palm

A true paradise for children, the Aquaventure Park at this outstanding hotel is open to visitors as well.

A folly for which only Dubai has the secret. This resort on an artificial atoll moored on the famous palm island, houses a vast water park.

On the programme: rapids to float down on buoys, giant slides, a 2.3-kilometre river, and a rope bridge. Each attraction is more impressive than the next. But the highlight remains 'The Leap of Faith'a dizzying slide of 27.5 metres, the equivalent of nine floors! You will be propelled through a transparent tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. Never fear, on arrival, a simple, sunny (shark-less) swimming pool will welcome you.

The most contemplative will marvel at the giant 11-million-cubic-metre aquarium where some 65,000 fish and marine animals swim. You will also have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins or snorkel with the fish community.

And if you want to prolong the experience, you may find lodging in one of the 1,373 luxurious rooms and 166 suites available.

Aquaventure Waterpark
Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort
Crescent Road
P.O. Box 211222, Dubai
Palm Jumeirah

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