Eataly, Temple of Italian Gastronomy

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Eataly, Temple of Italian Gastronomy

In the Marais neighbourhood, Italy receives special treatment amid a huge 4,000 sqm building, at once deli, food court, bakery and cooking school.

Above the porch, a sentence reads like a leitmotiv: “Eating is an agricultural gesture”. In the heart of Paris, Eataly's royal blue door cannot be missed. After taking over thirteen other countries, the franchise specialized in Italian gastronomy finally settled in the French capital. Over 4,000 sqm, 2,500 are devoted to grocery and deli products, seven restaurants… Just like a gigantic covered market, Eataly is a place of conviviality where you can “buy, eat and discover Italian products”, as its motto says. Stalls are spread over three floors and offer simple cuisine, going straight for the essentials. As if in a small Italian town, look for authentic flavours: pizza, pasta, trattoria, cheese, Italian wines, produce, ice cream, bar, coffee, panetteria… You will even find a cooking school there. Food from every angle!


37, rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie

75004 Paris

+33 (0)1 83 65 81 00

Menu: from 9.50 EUR for pasta dishes