Cerro de Monserrate, a symbol of Bogotá

Cerro de Monserrate, a symbol of Bogotá

A place of pilgrimage, it allows you to measure the immensity of the capital.

Rising to the east of the centre, about 1.5 km from La Candelaria, Monserrate is visible from almost everywhere. At more than 3,000 metres high, its peak offers an incredible view of the 1,700 square kilometres of the capital. At the top is a white church and the sanctuary devoted to 'El Señor Caídode Monserrate', (Christ fallen from the cross). It has been a place of worship since 1657 and is also a place of pilgrimage visited by thousands of Colombians every year, especially because of the statue of El Señor Caído next to the altar, which dates from 1650, which has been credited with many miracles.

The summit is accessible by funicular or cable car and takes about ten minutes. It is also accessible on foot by climbing the 1,500 steps, which takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Adepts have privileged access to the trail at dawn, in order to run it, a popular pastime on the weekend.

Cerro de Monserrate
Carrera 2 E No. 21-48

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