Bolívar's Quinta, former house of the Libertador

Bolívar's Quinta, former house of the Libertador

A historical museum at the foot of Monserrate.

This 19th-century villa was given to Simon Bolívar in 1820 to thank him for having liberated the country. He remained there for five years of his presidency, using it as a place of business and pleasure, since it was here that he lived his love affair with Manuela Sáenz, his mistress and partner in the struggle for independence. In 1850, Bolivar offered it to his friend José Ignacio París. Successively a girls' school, a brewery, a tannery, and a mental hospital, it became a museum in 1922. Restored, it has the original French style that its master gave it, period furniture, and original furnishings. There is a lounge, games room, Bolívar's bedroom, a kitchen, and a collection of personal items, including photographs, dishes, furniture with secret compartments, and his famous sword. This Venezuelan aristocrat and military man lived many adventures and exciting stories that are recounted to visitors.

Quinta de Bolívar
Calle 21, 4A - 30 Este

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