Beaupassage, the rebirth of Parisian passages

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Beaupassage, the rebirth of Parisian passages

In the heart of Beaupassage, hybrid place of life of the 7th arrondissement, visitors wander through an open-air mixture of restaurants and art galleries, all in a zen environment.

Totally new and yet already considered one of the most beautiful passages of the French capital, it connects three mythical streets - boulevard Raspail, rue du Bac and rue de Grenelle - just a stone's throw from the Bon Marché department store. Its elegant architecture of typically Parisian style makes the premises a must-go-to for lazing around. In open-air green areas (counting up to 60 different tree varieties), passersby roam through art installations scattered all around - here by Fabrice Hyber, there by Eva Jospin or Stefan Rinck.
Beaupassage is also the most gastronomic street in France, home to some of the greatest chefs of our time, most of them boasting several Michelin stars: Yannick Alléno (3 stars) and his Allénothèque restaurant-wine cellar, Thierry Marx and his Thierry Marx Bakery, Anne-Sophie Pic and her Daily Pic cantina, and even pastry chef Pierre Hermé and his Café Pierre Hermé. Everything is made for you to enjoy a sense of serenity during this cultural and gourmet break.

53-57, rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris

Allénothèque – Bistro and wine cellar by Yannick Alléno
+33 (0)1 84 74 21 21

Thierry Marx Bakery
+33 (0)1 43 21 88 56

Daily Pic Beaupassage
+33 (0)1 43 22 47 74

Café Pierre Hermé Beaupassage
+33 (0)1 82 73 27 20