A moment to yourself at the ChromaYoga studio

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A moment to yourself at the ChromaYoga studio

Make the best of your London stay for a plurisensory fitness session… with yoga under coloured neon lights!

Based in Shoreditch, the ChromaYoga studio offers a space cut off from the rest of the outside world to practice yoga under neon lights. A new revolutionary approach that combines light and colour therapy techniques, stimulating sonic landscapes and natural scents in order to create an immersive and plurisensory yoga experience. Colours vary according to the level and goal of the attendees. Red is for intense lessons, blue for soft vinyasa (Sanskrit for “breathing tied to one movement”), yellow to regulate the mood, purple for the yin and orange for beginners and pregnant women.
During the lessons, breathing is linked to movements and used to wake up the body as well as raise energy levels. Morning sessions end with a burst of blue light to prepare you for the rest of the day, and nighttime ones with a soft orange one that stimulates a good night sleep. Try it now!

45 Charlotte Rd
London EC2A 3DP

+44 20 3488 3219