Want to enjoy a taste of fine cuisine during your flight?
On long-haul flights in the Premium Economy and Economy cabins, we offer you the choice of the menu of the day at no extra charge, or a meal from our "A la Carte" Menu.
Enjoy the sophisticated flavors of the following meals from the “A la Carte” Menu: “Le marché de Jean Imbert” (Jean Imbert’s Market), “Une Sélection LENÔTRE” (A LENÔTRE Selection), Tradition, Ocean or Italia. Created and prepared with care in the French culinary tradition, these meals can turn your flight into a unique culinary experience. Treat yourself to a meal from our “A la Carte” Menu!*

* Offer available on all long-haul flights on which a hot meal is served, departing from Paris, French overseas departments (Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Reunion and Saint-Denis), the United States (Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington), Canada (Montreal and Toronto), Africa (Abidjan, Dakar, Douala and Libreville), China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul) and Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), but not flights to India. The “Le Marché de Jean Imbert” (Jean Imbert's Market) and “Une Sélection LENÔTRE” (A LENÔTRE Selection) meals are offered on flights departing from Paris. The Italia Menu is offered on flights departing from French overseas departments, the United States, Canada, Africa, China, South Korea and Japan.

Menu of the day
On long-haul flights, we offer a menu of the day at no extra charge for all destinations and travel classes. Hot and cold beverages – with or without alcohol – are also available.


You can purchase your “A la Carte” Menu:
- When purchasing your ticket
- In the “Your reservations” area starting from 90 days and up to 24 hours before the flight
- When checking in online starting from 30 hours and up to 24 hours before the flight

All menus are subject to seasonal variations, and the images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Details about your meal will be specified at the moment of purchase online.

The "My Fun Menu"

Put something fun on your plate! Our new menu offers 100% enjoyment and will delight young food lovers. Quality products for delicious recipes that are sure to please: go ahead, it's allowed!

The "My Fun Menu" is offered on flights leaving from Paris.

Menu price: €13*

“Le Marché de Jean Imbert” Menu

“Le Marché de Jean Imbert” Menu: an exclusive culinary experience created by the rising star of French cuisine
Chef Jean Imbert invites you to enjoy a fine dining experience in the sky while introducing you to new flavors! Now one of France’s favorite chefs after winning the 2012 season of Top Chef, he has crafted versions of his signature dishes paired with new creations for Air France.

The “Le Marché de Jean Imbert” Menu is offered on flights departing from Paris.

Menu price: €21

“Une Sélection LENÔTRE” Menu

Une Sélection LENÔTRE Menu: an exclusive meal crafted by the famed Maison LENÔTRE
Enjoy a unique dining experience with an exclusive meal created by the chefs at the prestigious Maison LENÔTRE. These creative, refined recipes take you on an unforgettable journey through the best of French cuisine. And to keep your taste buds happy all year long, the "Une Sélection LENÔTRE" Menu varies by season.

The “Une Sélection LENÔTRE” Menu is offered on flights departing from Paris.

Menu price: €28

Tradition Menu

Tradition Menu: a voyage into the heart of French cuisine
Discover the French way of life with the Tradition Menu! Taste a selection of savory, traditional recipes prepared with the very best of authentic French local products. Choose the Tradition Menu, and your flight becomes a guided tour of French culinary heritage!

Menu price: €18*

* Price for flights departing from Paris

Ocean Menu

Ocean Menu: a tide of fresh flavors
Discover a meal with flavors and inspiration fished fresh from the sea. With the Ocean Menu, you can enjoy delicious seafood prepared with care and coupled with delicacies of the vegetable variety. Lose yourself in a unique experience featuring refreshingly exotic cuisine!

Menu price: €15*

* Price on flights departing from Paris

Italia Menu

Italia Menu: a little bit of “la dolce vita”
On your next flight, discover an assortment of rich, Mediterranean flavors. With the Italia Menu, you can enjoy authentic, simple cuisine inspired by the best recipes from every region of Italy. Opt for “la dolce vita" and savor a heartwarming culinary experience!

The Italia Menu is offered on flights departing from French overseas departments, the United States, Canada, Africa, China, South Korea and Japan.

Menu price: €12*

* Price on flights departing from French overseas departments
A list of potential food allergens contained in meals served from the “A la Carte” Menu on flights departing from Europe and French overseas department is indicated before finalizing your purchase. The list of potential food allergens may change as meals are updated.

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