New economy cabin fare promotion

Discover our new customized Economy offer and travel in a way that fits your needs.
Already available on most of our flights:
  • Between Europe and the United States or Canada
  • Between Europe and French overseas departments
  • Between metropolitan France and French Polynesia, the Caribbean, Central America or South America

Design your trip

Our new Economy offer? It's simple: you choose your fare and add options based on what you'd like!

When you buy your ticket, you’ll be able to choose between 3 fares.

Light: the easiest trip, with no checked baggage. If your hand baggage isn’t enough, treat yourself to the Additional Baggage Option! Available online or at the airport on the day of your departure.
Standard: the most economical trip that includes one item of checked baggage. And if you change your mind you can modify the date of your trip, at an additional charge.
Standard +: this is most flexible travel option.
It includes 1 checked baggage item and the option to change your travel date free of charge or for an additional fee, depending on the conditions of the Standard + fare chosen.

Add the options you want

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