In the La Première cabin, enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.

Cuisine crafted by grands chefs (great chefs)

In the La Première cabin, you can create your own meal with the gourmet menu. On flights leaving from Paris, savor Aquitaine Sturia's celebrated caviar and enjoy culinary delights prepared by Anne-Sophie Pic, Régis Marcon and Guy Martin. The signature meals of these great chefs alternate every 3 months, so there's always something new to discover.

Take an exciting trip through wine country and discover our wine list, updated every 2 months.

Exceptional decor

Air France makes your trip even more exclusive with items designed by the masters in the art of dining à la française (French style). Enjoy an excellent meal served at your convenience and presented on a white tablecloth and table set designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, including a Bernardaud porcelain plate and beveled Christofle glasses and flatware.

Each of these stylish elements also displays the winged seahorse, the symbol of Air France.
On flights departing from Europe and French overseas departments, information pertaining to food allergens is indicated on board by the cabin crew.

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